OO Steel String Guitar “The Warbler”

This OO sized guitar pays tribute to the Kirtland’s Warbler, a bird that is known to nest only in a small area of Michigan in a very specific habitat of Jack Pine trees. It was nearly extinct 50 years ago, but its numbers have steadily climbed thanks to intensive conservation efforts.

The guitar’s back, sides, neck and peghead veneer are Michigan Black Walnut, which I feel is one of the most underrated tonewoods in luthierie. The soundboard is Master Grade Western Red Cedar. The warbler inlay on the peghead and the pine cone position markers on the fretboard are various natural and dyed veneers.  All bindings and the sound hole ring are birdseye maple.  The ebony fretboard is 1 11/16″ wide at the scalloped bone nut. The ebony pyramid bridge holds a bone saddle.  Waverly machines are installed on the guitar for precise tuning with no slips.  The scale length is 24 3/4.” The body is 14 1/4″ wide and 4″ deep.

Like the Kirtland’s warbler itself, this small guitar has a surprisingly strong voice that defies its size. Not only is it clear and very well balance, but the sustain is amazing and action is silky smooth.

For Sale: $6,500