7 String Nylon Guitar

7 String Nylon Guitar

This 7 string nylon/classical guitar has a lattice braced spruce soundboard, cocobolo back and sides and a Honduran mahogany neck with adjustable truss rod.  It holds Rubner ball bearing tuning machines and a Barbera piezoelectric bridge pickup.

The 650 mm scale is on an ebony fretboard with a 16″ radius.

The offset sound hole results in a greater active surface area for the soundboard because the lower tone bar can be positioned closer to the neck. This augments the lower frequencies, giving support to the additional bass string.

The Brazilian rosewood bridge has a 14 hole tie block. This feature increases the downward pressure on the saddle compared to a 7 hole tie block and this results in a more powerful voice.

This guitar was built for jazz guitarist Steve Herberman.